National Prison Strike 2018

Prisoners have called for a nationwide strike and protest from August 21 – Sep 9, 2018.

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Fence Poster (11×17) (postcard b+w) (postcard color)

Hands poster (legal size) [B version] [C Version]

Attica [Half sheet]

Ed and Danny [Half sheet]

We Will Win [Half sheet]

Walla Walla Recyard [Half sheet]


Jonathan Jackson Half sheet

Pickaxe [DISCLAIMER: This poster contains an image from a 1932 convict lease camp that depicts black suffering and may be triggering. The inside organizers like it because it shows that slavery is not just about work, and connects their (largely hidden) experience with history. Please use with care- do not post to social media without a trigger warning, do not hand out as flyers, and be intentional about where you hang posters.]

Sticker/ Meme Images:

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