Prisoners all across the country are constantly resisting in disorganized and spontaneous ways, from acting up and refusing orders, to damaging, subverting or otherwise interfering with the prison’s regular operations. We want to acknowledge and provide information about these forms of resistance as long as they are done in a spirit of convict unity against prison administrators.

Here is a list of larger actions and movements that are currently underway, or have occurred in recent years.

Nationally Coordinated Protest:
9/9/2016 Prisoners across the country have called for a coordinated protest movement.

Anti-Slavery / Work Stoppages:
Free Alabama Movement–
IWW Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee –
– April 2016 Workstrike
Georgia – black left news source, best coverage of GA prison resistance.
Free Virginia Movement
Free Ohio Movement

Hunger Strikes:
June 10, 2016 Waupun, WI
Spring 2011-Present Pelican Bay, CA
Jan 2014-Sept 2015, Menard, IL –
Jan 2011-Present Youngstown, OH- – support website for the Lucasville Uprising Prisoners, but covers all resistance activities at OSP (Ohio’s Supermax).

Other forms of resistance:

Down– The book contains a number of interviews with some of Indiana’s long-term prison rebels, a brief overview of the rich history of prison struggle throughout the state, and thoughts from the editors about how prisoner solidarity has been and could be done. More generally, it documents a conversation between a few anarchists in the state and some prisoners here who became politicized on the inside, of a bridge we are building between differing conditions, politics, and beliefs—of our mutual need and desire to abolish prison.

Sabotage– This is the website for Sean Swain, an anarchist prisoner who was framed as the leader of direct action and sabotage activities in Ohio prisons. Sean denies any involvement.