How to Be Safe and Stay Dangerous

Visit from Law Enforcement Post
Security Culture
Avoiding Entrapment
Dissident’s Survival Guide
Tilted Scales Guide for Defendants
Know Your RIghts from the NLG

Straight Outta Holman


This is a Call to End Slavery in America a zine version of the call to action for a nationally coordinated workstrike and prison protest. En Espanol and mailroom proof and both. Another smaller mailroom proof version

Let the Crops Rot in the Fields – The Free Alabama Movement Strategy

Incarcerated Workers Take the Lead– history of prison struggles 2008-2016

The Incarcerated Worker Issue 5 and previous. This is the newsletter of the Incarcerated Worker’s Organizing Committee (

Prison Action News Vol 9 issue 2

International Solidarity with Sep 9 strike. [mailroom proof zine]

To Struggle Means We Are Alive– North Carolina Prisoners on Ferguson and other activities. Read online version here.

Defendant’s Guide from the Tilted Scales Collective.

May Day 2016 – a newsletter created by Tucson ABC

End Prison Slavery – Articles about growing prisoner resistance movements.

Tweaking Armageddon – zine version of an article by Critical Resistance’s Rachel Herzing about strategic dynamics of resistance, abolition and reform.

Down-Reflections on Prison Resistance in Indiana

Free Alabama Movement Selected Reading Series four short zines of recent articles and information about prison compiled by FAM

unstoppable – Anti-authoritarian publication specifically by and for incarcerated folks who identify as women, gendervariant, and/or trans.

Freedom Summer Prison Solidarity Working Group here at the Flyover Infoshop Collective

Social Media

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Chants for actions
Here’s a list


11 x 17 inch posters
Anti-State STL Poster
Sep 9 strike!
1a- Strike Against Prison Slavery…
1b- same, with local info box
2a- Support Nationwide Prisoner Strike
2b- same, with local info box
3a- Strike a Blow Against White Supremacy3b- same, with local info box

8.5 x 11 posters
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3

Strike a blow poster

Prisons are for Burning Sticker

A slew of internet based images, here.

More posters at

Holman Uprising

Articles on Prison Slavery

Prison Labor is the New American Slavery

Insourcing: Identifying Businesses Involved in Prison Slavery

Boycott Companies that Use Prison Labor

Promo Videos

Nation of All People on IWOC

I have been working on my prison abolition elevator speech


We have conducted interviews with a wide variety of people who do outside support for various prisoner movements. The purpose of these interviews is to collect various perspectives on the same subject: how to support prisoners.

If you, or someone you know is involved in this work and we haven’t interviewed you yet, please contact us at: Interviews can be conducted over the phone or in person. We travel a lot and might be coming near your town!

Anthony Rayson of South Chicago ABC Zine Distro

Bo Brown, former political prisoner, now working with women who’re getting out of prison.

Coyote Sheff recently released anarchist prison organizer

Ed Mead and Mark Cook former prisoners, prisoner advocates.

Lorenzo Kom’Boa Ervin from The Black Autonomy Federation.

Paulette D’Auteuil from Jericho Movement

Jenny and Petey from Sacramento Prisoner Support

Law and Disorder Conference sessions related to prisoner support:

Lorenzo and Jonina Ervin, of Memphis Black Autonomy: “Mass Incarceration is Prison Slavery” Recorded by Kboo radio.

James Patrick Jordan’s lecture “Prison Imperialism: How the US is Spreading a Repressive Incarceration Model Around the World”┬áRecorded by Kboo radio.

Adam Carpinelli interview with Ahjamu Umi of All African People’s Revolutionary Party. From Kboo radio.