SupportPrisonerResistance.net is a broad-based non-sectarian clearing house of information and resources for outside support. Our mission is simple: to help you- whoever you are- shine a protecting light onto the struggles of prisoners.

The last few years has seen a steady increase in prisoner protests, from work strikes in Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina, to hunger strikes at supermax prisons in Ohio, California and Illinois, to many other forms of protest and resistance all across the country. Everyday in many ways prisoners attempt to stand up for themselves and assert their rights all across this country, often facing severe and violent retaliation.

Committed support and engagement from people on the outside can make all the difference in these struggles, but it often feels like a daunting task to people on the outside. As the struggles for prisoner rights and against mass incarceration continue, we hope to collect the knowledge of both experienced activists and inspired new comers to increase the ability to support and sustain a movement against prison