Stand in Solidarity with the Fasting Prisoners


Standing with the men who have been refusing to accept food in protest of injustice in the use of Solitary Confinement in Wisconsin prisons, leaders of the ROC Wisconsin Campaign have set aside Tuesday, June 21 as a Solidarity Day.

At least 7 inmates in Wisconsin prisons, mostly at Waupun, are engaged in a “food refusal” action.  Some of them have not eaten anything since June 5; others began June 10.  Among their demands are that all prisoners who have been in solitary confinement for more than one year should be released back into the general prison population, and that there be proper mental health services for those who have been subjected to solitary confinement.  More details are here.

On June 21, we are all being asked to do some or all of the following:

  • Fast for one day;
  • Organize prayer vigils in our local communities;
  • Contact state legislators to ask them to inquire about the well-being of the inmates involved.  You can easily find your state legislators and their contact information here;
  • Contact DOC Secretary Litscher, 608-240-5000, to ask him to meet with the inmates and to take action toward ending solitary confinement;
  • Write post cards of encouragement and concern to those participating in the fast. Send them to the new WISDOM office, 2821 North Fourth Street, #537, Milwaukee, WI  53212.

You do not necessarily have to wait until June 21 to do these things.

WISDOM strives to be a vehicle by which those who are marginalized and ignored can have a chance to be heard.  This is a moment to live that out by standing in solidarity with these men, who have been tortured in our name.