Update on Ely State Prison, NV Hunger Strike

Yesterday, five of the original six protesters ended their hunger strike when personal demands had been met. Three strikers have since been moved out of Disciplinary Segregation.
Thank you to everyone who helped! They greatly appreciate your support.
The fight is not over:
Two of the strikers are still being held in Segregation. One of them, Marcus Hagerman, was told he’d be moved out before administration suddenly changed their mind with no explanation. Marcus strongly believes that he is being targeted. Guards are treating him differently, and Warden Renee Baker is alleging him to be the leader of these actions. As a result, Marcus has gone back on hunger strike (solo).

He will continue until ALL his demands are met.
Please take a few minutes to send him a letter and show your support:

Marcus Hagerman #1093533
Box 1989
Ely, NV 89301-1989


Prisoners at Ely were charged to weigh-in during the strike, (which is fucked) and we are trying to find out more about this (along with what demands were met). What we do know is that one prisoner is being singled out as the ring leader and is the only prisoner that the prison officials went back on and put back in seg. What money he owes for weigh-in is $100.  He resumed his hunger strike and another joined. We are still waiting on more information before moving forward.