Prisoner SOLIDARITY: for September 9

From Arizona Prison Watch

September 9th is the 45th anniversary of the Attica uprising, a massive 1971 prisoner protest against dismal conditions and abuse, which ended with the state of New York murdering scores of people.

Given the continuing abuse, neglect, and enslavement of over 2 million imprisoned people in the US today, prisoners across the US have called for and will begin a nationally coordinated work stoppage and protest on Sep 9, 2016. Learn more at 

There is at least one Arizona demonstration on September 9, outside ASPC-Lewis, in Buckeye, and many others across the country in solidarity with those prisoners who will be stopping work. Oh yes, it’s going down!

The following is the most moving poem on prisoner support I’ve ever heard, from our brother Ben at Insurgent Theatre. He wrote this is the wake of Mariam Abdullah’s suicide at ASPC-Perryville in July…

Please share to help inspire people making personal connections with prisoners in the course of building this movement.  He’s an impassioned and committed prison abolitionist and anarchist – he and the folks he hangs with have done some great work towards liberation for all.

Great resources on the Attica uprising:

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