Kinross Coverage

kinrossInformation is just now beginning to escape from Kinross Correctional Facility in northern Michigan, where one of the larger, more inspiring strike actions occurred on September 9. Retaliation by MDOC officials has been severe and violent. Three prisoners have turned up dead under suspicious circumstances. Find links to news reports and coverage below, and updates at

Local organizations have connected and coordinated with National Lawyers Guild and IWOC as well as family members and the prisoners to get more information out and to build an effective response to the state’s violence and refusal to release information.

We’re afraid that this type of violent retaliation and worse is also happening in other states. Please share these and other articles about prisoner resistance, continue to write letters and make support calls, and contact IWOC to plug in with regional organizations in the coalition of prisoner supporters that emerged leading up to September 9th.

And continue the fight, however you can, wherever you are. Here’s suggestions: