New Zine on International Solidarity

A new zine cataloging international solidarity actions has been added to the resources page, and here. Print it off and send it to your comrades on the inside!

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This is a compilation and timeline of actions and statements made by prison rebels and those who are fighting against prison society around the world, in solidarity with American prisoners who have taken (or are still taking) action for the September 9 Prison Strike. The texts were taken from internet articles originating from the websites It’s Going Down (, “Act for Freedom Now ( and ‘contra info’ ( August 4, 2016 Athens, Greece: Solidarity with prison rebels against slavery & white supremacy in America and beyond. An info event was held at Themistokleous 58 squat in Exarchia, with the participation of Contra Info translation counter-info network and ABC Solidarity Cell, where a comrade from Portland ABC discussed details about the US wide mobilization against prison slavery and white supremacy on the 45th anniversary of the Attica prison rebellion (September 9th–13th 1971). August 25, 2016 Athens, Greece: Anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou, currently incarcerated in Koridallos prison (Athens), released a text explaining what September 9th mobilization in the US is all about. Excerpt from his writing: “Since 2010 there have been a number of mobilizations in US prisons, from hunger strikes and work stoppages to rebellions, for either elimination of solitary confinement or betterment of prison conditions, or the improvement of working conditions and remuneration.” September 5, 2016 Athens, Greece: Meeting took place at the Polytechnic School in Exarchia, called for by the Solidarity Assembly for Political Prisoners & Imprisoned and Prosecuted Fighters. A new Athens-based assembly was formed to support the US prison strike. It was decided to release a poster in Greek and English, hold a PA’s gathering outside Koridallos prisons, and make a call for two days of solidarity action across Greece, between 16th and 17th September. September 8, 2016 Athens, Greece: ABC Solidarity Cell published a statement regarding “US Prisons – The Dark Side of Slavery in American Society”. Excerpt from their text: “We are willing to manifest our solidarity in every possible way with US prison inmates throughout the duration of their struggle. In this direction, we call every collective, every cell of Anarchist Black Cross internationally, but also whoever wishes to support in their own way, to coordinate our forces on an International Solidarity Day that will be a point of reference for the international solidarity movement to supporting this struggle and will provide an opportunity for further intensification of our actions in the coming period. We propose this day to be October 1st. We consider the prospects, stakes and legacies that this particular struggle in US prisons may create to be an open challenge for every fighter who wants to contribute to waging an internationalized and coordinated struggle inside and outside prisons against modern slavery and the economic dictatorship of multinationals. Solidarity and strength to the struggle of prisoners in US prisons! Struggle is the only prospect of living with dignity! Fire to the prisons!”September 9, 2016 Athens, Greece: The Urban Guerrilla Cell of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire FAI/FRI, namely Christos Tsakalos, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Giorgos Polidoros and Olga Ekonomidou, anarchists incarcerated in Koridallos prisons, released a revolutionary statement titled “Gentlemen, the Dragon Will Fly Out” in support of the US prison mobilization as of September 9th, and in memory of Jonathan P. Jackson, George L. Jackson, and Attica prison rebels. Excerpt from their writing: “In every part of the Earth, prisons are a monument of people’s enslavement. Prisons are the most concentrated form of tyranny; the face of Power, without any makeup; the punitive nature of democracy; the vengeful sense of its justice. Every attack, every act of rebellion, every mobilization that disturbs the operation of prisons is a kick in the guts of oppression. It challenges its omnipotence, within its own walls. Certainly, the September 9th mobilization against slavery in US prisons may not be the anarchist utopia of freedom we wish for, but it can be a pebble in the pond that creates small ripples in the water. And oftentimes these ripples precede the outbreak of an enormous tide…” Athens, Greece: Some anarchist prisoners in the 4th wing of Koridallos men’s prison published a collective writing in support of the US prison strike. Excerpt from their text: “We know how hard it is to fight capitalism there where it’s most powerful, in the US; we also know that depriving it of a part of its profits is the only thing that can inflict substantial damage. That’s why this prisoner strike is so important. That’s why we send our solidarity and greetings to the rebellious dignity of prisoners in the US.” Athens, Greece: The newly formed Assembly of Solidarity with the Struggle of Prisoners against Slavery, alongside other anarchist supporters from Athens, held a noise demo in the proximity of Koridallos prisons to spread the word about the mobilization in US prisons, but also in solidarity with all inmates in Koridallos women’s facility, who are protesting the deplorable prison conditions since August 26th. During the action comrades unfurled banners reading: “Solidarity with the struggle of US prison inmates against slavery” and “From Koridallos to Lucasville, fight against prison slavery”. Athens, Greece: ABC Solidarity Cell hung a banner at the gate of the Polytechnic School, on Patission Street (downtown Athens), reading: “Solidarity with the struggle of prisoners in the US as of September 9th – We are not made by history; we create history”. Brisbane, Australia: Industrial Workers of the World union (IWW) held solidarity demo in Radcliffe Square, passing out flyers and holding banners. Agrino, Greece: Comrades of Apertus squat expressed their solidarity with the US prison mobilization, as well as with inmates at Koridallos women’s prison: “(…) resistance to the barbarity of incarceration is an integral part of social and class struggles taking place everywhere; against the restructuring, tightening of security, and privatization of prisons; the road to freedom passes over the debris of every prison.” Barcelona, Spain: McDonald’s spray-painted in solidarity with US prison strike. “In the early hours of September 9th, some anarchists of Barcelona went to McDonald’s on Travessera de Gràcia Street to show our solidarity with the imprisoned comrades on strike in the United States. A small action with which we intend to manifest that solidarity between the oppressed knows no borders or nations. We also took advantage of this occasion to point to this multinational as responsible for the assassination and exploitation of countless human and nonhuman beings, making it clear that we won’t allow them to continue their criminal work without encountering resistance from the oppressed. Against every authority!Death to the State and its false opponents.” Quebec, Canada: Letter of support from Quebec prisoners on strike, September 9. Letter reads: “A Letter in Support of Prisoners in the US who are striking against prison slavery First, we want to tell you that you are not alone! We are keeping our eyes on your struggles. We support you! In your call for a strike on September 9th you evoke the uprising in Attica that began on September 9, 1971. You write about ending prison slavery by ceasing to be slaves yourselves. We see you. We hear you. We support you. We are a group of people, some in prison, some not in prison, and some who are in between. We are critical of the prison system and all its trappings. We would like to share with you some stories of our struggles. Where we are, there is a traditional work stoppage inside federal prisons on August 10th. Though stronger in years past, Prisoners Justice Day is a day when prisoners here refuse to eat, refuse to work, refuse to leave our cells. We commemorate those who have died in prison. When the tradition started in 1974, prison officials would punish us for it, write us up, lock us up, dock our pay. One day in Collins Bay Penitentiary, a federal prison in Ontario, the kitchen decided to not cook breakfast on August 10th. They knew we were not planning to eat, but we knew that this day is about more than fasting. We lined up in their kitchen demanding breakfast and one by one disposed of it in the garbage. Federal prisoners in Canada pay room and board. In 2013, our pay was docked and half of that was justified by an increase in room and board payments. In February of 2016, we wrote a list of demands to the federal government. We excerpt the section on work and pay here: “We protest the cuts to our wages. We should have access to real wages, not pennies. CorCan (Corrections Canada Industries) is a separate entity of Correctional Services Canada (CSC). Its mission was to provide meaningful employment and skills. It was a way for long term prisoners to keep their families together and short-termers to build some money for release. In fall 2013, prisoners’ pay was cut. The bonuses/incentives that prisoners used to receive for working at CorCan were taken away… Currently, the maximum wage we make in 10 days is $69. Of that sum, we must pay $15.18 to kitchen services, $5.52 to telephone services and maintenance, $11 to television fees and maintenance, and $3.73 to savings. Only $33.57 remains. Our pay rates have not been indexed to inflation since 1982.” We went on to demand access to the provincial minimum wage, access to the Canadian Pension Plan, and real workplace insurance. We demanded access to trades and training while in prison that have an accreditation that is recognized on the outside. We have, thus far, received no concrete response to our demands. The complete list of demands to the federal government is included with this letter. (As this is an email, here is a link to the entire list of demands: If you want to write to us, for whatever reason, you can reach us here: PO Box 55051 CP Mackay Montreal, Quebec H3G2W5 In commemoration of all those who have died inside, including the prisoners who died in the uprising at Attica, when state troopers stormed the prison with shotguns and teargas, we connect our struggle to yours. We will be watching. In solidarity, the Termite Collective”Malmö, Sweden: Solidarity demonstration. From a submitted report: “The Anarcho-syndicalist Youth Federation (SUF) of Sweden, Malmö went to the American embassy in Denmark, Copenhagen to show our solidarity with the strikers. We held a speech which we will publish in the comming week on our facebook page and gave away pamphlets. An injury to one, is an injury to all! Fire to the prisons!” Leipzig, Germany: Rally outside USA Consulate in solidarity with the strike Melbourne, Australia: Anarchists put on noise demo outside of youth jail, holding banners, making noise, and launching fireworks to show solidarity with those locked up inside. Horgoš, Serbia: Banner drop in support of prison strike. Banner reads: “From Horgos to Holman! 9/9 Strike. All Borders Are Prisons!” Melbourne, Australia: Anarchist demo at the US Consulate in solidarity with the September 9 Prison Strike A small group of anarchists demonstrated at the US Consulate in Narrm / Melbourne, so-called ‘Australia’ in solidarity with the September 9 Nationwide US Prisoner Strike Against Prison Slavery. A banner was unfurled at the entrance to the consulate that read: “SOLIDARITY WITH THE PRISON STRIKERS” and comrades began yelling several slogans inside the building including: “LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE, WHY DO YOU STILL HAVE FUCKIN’ SLAVES?” and “BURN THE BANKS, BURN THE PRISONS, JUST MAKE SURE THE COPS ARE IN THEM!” In response to the demonstration and some of the comrades taking photos, the consulate staff locked the doors and turned the lights off inside the consulate, presumably as some kind of paranoid security measure. Officers from the AFP (Australian Federal Police) observed the demonstration but did not intervene or make any arrests. A comrade read out the original declaration announcing the prisoner strike, some more slogans were chanted, then the comrades left as a group behind the banner, still chanting. As the comrades left the vicinity of the consulate an AFP car pulled up and an officer got out and attempted to ask for names and the reason for the protest however they were completely ignored and the comrades were able to leave the area without any problems. INTERNATIONAL ANARCHIST SOLIDARITY WITH THE PRISON STRIKERS! SOLIDARITY IS OUR WEAPON! September 10, 2016 Athens, Greece: Prison profiteer McDonald’s blockaded at Syntagma Square…Banners read: “From Koridallos to Lucasville, fight against prison slavery” / “Solidarity with the struggle of US prison inmates against slavery” On Saturday evening, McDonald’s at Syntagma Square was blockaded for two hours in solidarity with the struggle against slavery which has already begun in American prisons, as of September 9th. McDonald’s is one of the key companies that exploit the regime of slavery imposed on prisoners in the United States, a regime securing the multinational giant more profits.During the 2-hour blockade we distributed many texts to passersby, in both Greek and English, and threw flyers. We ended our action without incident when demonstrators from hot spots (migrant camps) and migrants housing squats arrived in Syntagma. We joined their demonstration, chanting slogans in solidarity with migrants. Assembly of Solidarity with the Struggle of Prisoners against Slavery. Signed, Assembly of Solidarity with the Struggle of Prisoners against Slavery September 11, 2016 Athens, Greece: Solidarity with the U.$. prison struggle from Themistokleous 58 Squat “From the wing 58 of this open air prison called Athens we send our warmest greetings to the U.$. prison rebels and all those taking action in solidarity with them around the globe. We understand your fight to end prison slavery as a call to end prison society as a whole. We understand mass imprisonment behind tones of concrete and iron as a reflection of the mass society that shackles us all and as an inevitable consequence of the techno-industrial kingdom that determines our lives daily in all possible ways. We know that contexts might be different from place to place and that some times we get lost into the partiality of our small or big fights against this or that expression of domination and Power. Nevertheless, we believe this is a good opportunity to build up the so much needed intersectionality, to foment it with a borderless perception of the struggle for total self-determination and liberation from hierarchies and authorities that chain us all. We salute all means of struggle deployed so far against the murderous apparatus of the U.$. prison-industrial complex, and we are happy to know that at least one jailer got what he deserved. While bars of steel and walls of stone may physically contain those in prison, the recent uprisings all over the U.$. have shown that they can never take away the fighting spirit from countless rebels. As small tokens of our solidarity, on September 11th we hung a banner in Kamara, downtown Thessaloniki, that reads “Victory to the prisoners’ strike in the U.$. // Fire to the prison society” and on September 20th we participated alongside ABC Solidarity Cell and other comrades in a 2 hour blockade at the McDonald’s in the Athenian district of Ilion, holding a banner that reads “Solidarity with the U.$. prison uprising”. After the blockade we dropped the banner from the 58 in Exarchia, where it can be seen daily by hundreds passing by. As the strike continues, so will our actions. As prisons exist, so will our fight to destroy them.” Signed, Themistokleous 58 Squat, Exarchia, Athens September 14, 2016 Paris, France: Graffiti put up that reads “From OSNY to Attica Burn All Prisons” signed with an anarchist circle-A. September 15, 2016 Bristol, United Kingdom: Vandalism of Various Prison Workers Property“This is dedicated to all the very young ones, youths with no direction yet, the kids that punch out at everything. Those that hate being told what to do and hate authority, who’ve fell foul of the law, who don’t even consider anarchy. Rebels without a cause. A prison gate is a border, it is a part of the class system, crime, scarcity and resource war. They need people to control and use in private prison labour. The prisons are exploding. HMP Bristol, Horfield – 2 cars of screws are scratched up and tyres punctured, one a black sportscar – P6 SHT. Horfield, Bristol – 12 Oak Road, house of screw has ‘bars’ sprayed on the windows and “screw” scrawled on the house in spraypaint. Done in the International Week of Solidarity to Anarchist Prisoners, 23-30 August. Solidarity to the anarchists in Italy arrested in Operation Scripta Manent and to all those in the prison uprising in America, 9 September.” September 17, 2016 Kingston, Canada: “We took over the road at Collins Bay Institution, intercepted cars entering during visiting hours and targeted visitors with this flyer [flyer details information about 9/9 strike, and the condition of prisoners in Canada].” September 25, 2016 Athens, Greece: Incendiary solidarity with the US Prison Struggle… In the early hours of Sunday, September 25th, a group of comrades participated in the street clashes erupting at Tositsa St., outside the Polytechnic, in Exarchia, Athens. We attacked with molotovs and stones against the cops, not only for what they are -puppets of the State- but also to send strength and solidarity to those fighting inside US prisons. We act against those who capture on the streets, as the prison rebels act against those who keep them locked in cages. We stand together with all those who take action and revolt, wherever they might be, by all means necessary. Lets abolish with violence what was imposed on us with violence. Solidarity means attack! Signed, The Holmans September 26, 2016 Athens, Greece: OCCUPATION OF HELLENIC-AMERICAN UNION OF ATHENS. We occupied the hellenic- american union in solidarity with the struggle of the prisoners against slavery in U.S. prisons.DIAS and other cops have filled the street. TORCH AND BURN EVERY PRISON SOLIDARITY TO THE STRUGGLE AGAINST SLAVERY OF THE PRISONERS IN THE U.S. PRISON. We also call for an INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SOLIDARITY GATHERING AT THE U.S. EMBASSY ON SATURDAY OCTOBER 1ST AT 6.00PM Signed, Solidarity Assembly to the struggle of prisoners against slaverySeptember 27, 2016 Thessaloniki, Greece: Poster was fly-posted in the eastern part of Thessaloniki about the struggle of the prisoners in U.S.A., on the entrance and signs of the offices of the hellenic-american union on Fragon street in the city centre. Solidarity with the imprisoned fighters in the U.S.A. and all over the world. Struggle against forced labor, waged or unwaged. Struggle against state and capital. Signed, Collectives of Anarchists from the East September 28, 2016 Throughout Mexico: Anarchist Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Solidarity with Prison Strike…During a press conference on September 28, anarchist prisoners announced the beginning of an indefinite hunger strike. They are compañeros Fernando Bárcenas and Abraham Cortés, prisoners in North Prison, Luis Fernando Sotelo, prisoner in South Prison in Mexico City, and Miguel Peralta, prisoner in Cuicatlán Prison in Oaxaca. The strike is in rejection of the 33 year and five month sentence given to Luis Fernando Sotelo, to mark three years since the arrest of compañero Abraham Cortés on October 2, 2013, and in solidarity with the prison strike underway in the United States against the exploitation of prisoners’ labor and in support of the revolts against the killings of African-Americans by police in the U.S. The three compas in Mexico City have gone on hunger strike, while Miguel will go on fasts. The following is a statement signed by Fernando Bárcenas and Abraham Cortés. Solidarity with prisoners in the struggle! Solidarity with the national prison strike in the United States! Freedom for all! “To the rebel compañerxs To the peoples and communities in war To the freed slaves To those who identify with these sentiments and words… Today we declare an indefinite hunger strike for total liberation as an act of self-determination, of incitement to widespread revolt. Because we can no longer continue simply going along day by day with the genocide of our communities and peoples. There is a hidden reality in this society; democracy is a coup d’état that rules not with tanks but TV cameras and reporters’ microphones, democracy governs through the power of its propaganda and we therefore argue that democracy is the art and science that power uses in order to not be perceived as oppression, capitalism is the boss and democracy is its press secretary. And because of that we are not addressing the media, nor the dominant classes, we’re addressing and speaking to our compañerxs in this immense prison called earth, who like us are also the children of war simply for the fact of being born disinherited. But these words are not intended to manipulate their rebellious efforts and much less to unify them under any kind of banner; but rather to open a line of communication, a space in tune with the struggles and with all the responses and acts of self-determination that may emerge anywhere… In our understanding and from our perspective, where authority exists, prisons exist, and that is why prisons are much more than just a physical structure imposed on us through images of walls and barbed-wire fences. Prison, as we understand it, is constituted by society as a whole, while physical prisons are only concrete expressions of the social isolation that sustains and legitimizes power.Urbanization (for instance) is the same representation of mass incarceration or what is equal to the fortification of urban space, accompanied by the extermination of the most marginalized popular classes and presents itself today as an integral part of the latest geohistorical phase of techno-industrial capitalism. (The latest restructuring effort of this crisis stage where the only way to maintain domination is through war.) We can no longer believe in their lies because their “wonderful world” doesn’t exist in our midst; they call us criminals just as they called the old inhabitants of the Americas savages and thus justified their genocide; what happens daily in our neighborhoods is a colonial war that seeks to assuage the revolutionary fervor of our people with dirty tactics such as inundating us with drugs and weapons and its subsequent result of bringing more occupation troops into our neighborhoods and communities. All of this is directly connected with the increase in poverty and lack of education and healthcare in the most marginalized communities and neighborhoods. This results in an increased crime rate that justifies repression from the state’s political-military apparatus and prison becomes a monument to the slaughter, the social garbage dump into which those who displease or bother the capitalist system are thrown… Yet, there are currently 226,000 prisoners in the country, and though the prisons are overcrowded the crime rate doesn’t drop, but on the contrary, it increases or remains stable. Therefore, the problem is not found in the 226,000 people in prison, but in the techno-industrial society that needs to justify the slaughter. Prison is a business that legitimizes the war on the poor and protects extermination and a society based on capitalist accumulation. And what is the pretext for the covert interventions? That neighborhoods are devastated by crime, assaults, robberies, killings, and disturbances, “the streets are not safe”, so the mayors and city councils agree with the residents calling for “more protection”, without bothering to analyze the backdrop of this dirty war. Of course it’s true that those who have fallen victim to drugs are responsible for the crimes happening in their neighborhoods, it is something that can’t be denied. But before we jump in desperation screaming and asking for “more police protection”, better we remember who imposed this plague in our neighborhoods and communities. It would be better to remember who ultimately benefits from the addiction of people to drugs, it would be better to remember that the police are occupation troops sent to our communities by the dominant class, not to protect the lives of poor people, but rather to protect the interests and private property of the capitalists. The police, politicians and big businesspeople are delighted that working-class youth are victims of this plague, and for two reasons, the first being that drug trafficking is economically profitable and the second is that while they keep our youth on the corners jonesing for a hit, they won’t have to worry about us launching an effective liberation struggle. The police can’t solve the problem because they are part of the problem, nor can the system’s institutions solve the social, economic and political problems of the people because they are the ones who create and feed them. The “war on drugs” is nothing more than a counter-revolutionary doctrine charged with maintaining and strengthening the domination, exploitation and imprisonment of the most oppressed classes of the proletariat. We are the only ones capable of eradicating the plague from our communities and so, instead of collaborating with this sick and decadent society we’ve decided to live on the margins of it in order to build a world with our own hands. This requires the revolutionary organization of the people. Liberate a space, squat, arm yourself and take care of yours. The more these actions happen in a haphazard and disordered way, without any center, but rather becoming thousands of centers, each one self-determined, then it will be much less susceptible to formalization and recuperation by the technological system. We live in a technological era in which capitalism has restructured itself through applying technology to the system of social control and all of that has changed the world in a substantial way.A virtual reality of fictitious needs has been imposed, and the interests of the proletariat have been broken into thousands of pieces, lost in the meanderings of virtual reality. Democracy itself is a virtual reality just like all the others. It’s clear that a system like this cannot be defended except by transforming the very people who live in its territory into the police of the system. No repressive apparatus would be capable of safeguarding such a system. And that’s why the state/modern-technological capital can only be destroyed in its territory through the widespread rise of insurrection. The answer then doesn’t happen within theories, but concretely in the demands and needs of those excluded by the system, the insubordinate, ultimately, the socially lynched who are the natural result of a society divided between the privileged on one side and the subjugated on the other. Rebellion is also a natural event that wasn’t discovered by anarchists or any other revolutionary. But this rebellion is not immediately traced back to the old “revolutionary” programs and manuals, the rebellion of our days is unsettled, disorderly, an end in itself. For us, as social rebels, insurgency is a total rejection of ideologies looking to be a fundamental part of the system that oppresses us. Equipped with this method based in the practice of direct action, in permanent conflict and in the self-organization of struggles, without the acceptance of moderators, endless possibilities open up for insurrection to flow. From this perspective it is clear that anarchism is not an ideology but a concrete way of opposing the existent and for its definitive and total destruction. We are for permanent revolt, for widespread insurrection; it is the only way to make it impossible for centralized power to appear. We issue this war cry, a way to defend the struggle of the prisoners in the United State and at the same time we are in solidarity with the African-American compas who, like us, live in the genocide of drugs. Solidarity with rebel peoples and communities. Total solidarity with our compañero Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano. For total liberation! For the destruction of the prison society! Three years since the imprisonment of Abraham Cortés Ávila, October 2, 2013.” September 30, 2016 Athens, Greece: Banners in support to the struggle against prison slavery in America We stand in total and unreserved solidarity with the struggle of prisoners in America against slavery, and as a response to the call for support and solidarity to their resistance we hung two banners in downtown Athens, Greece. Banners read: “Fight against prison slavery. Until the demolishment of every cage. Until the death of authority.”, “Support the resistance in US prisons, against slavery and exploitation of prisoners. Brothers/sisters, in this struggle you’re not alone!” Signed, Union of anarchist individualities UroborusOctober 1, 2016 Athens, Greece: Graffiti and Banners in Solidarity with Prison Strike…Graffiti reads: “1st October International Day of Solidarity to the US Prisoners”, “US Prisoners Are On Strike Against Prison Labor Since 9/9. Enjoy your Drink. ABC Solidarity Cell”, “Enjoy Your Vacation In Greece While US Prisoners Are On Strike Since 9/9. ABC Solidarity Cell”, “Prisoners in the USA Are On Strike Against Enforced Labor Since 9/9. ABC Solidarity Cell” Each tag was signed with an anarchist circle-A. Athens, Greece: Greek Prisoners Join US Prison Strike! “From the prison of Korydallos in Greece, we the prisoners of the blocks C, D, A, respond to the day of action around the world in solidarity with the prisoners of the USA. Today we will not let the guards lock us up, in an action of solidarity.” Across America, prisoners are in a huge struggle against slavery. In this fight, we join our voices. Nationality, religion, or any other differences will never be an obstacle to becoming a blow against the powers that keep us imprisoned. You are prisoners and we are prisoners, and we can only wish you good luck and contribute to your victory. It will be a victory for dignity and for all the prisoners around the world.” Banner made by prisoners reads “Victory to the Fighting Prisoners of USA, Social Revolution, Smash State & Capitalism” Athens, Greece: “On Saturday evening October 1st, that was proposed by ABC cell as international day of solidarity with the U$ prison struggle, we spray-painted slogans in the streets of Exarchia. DEATH TO THE JAILERS” Graffiti reads: “Fire to the Prison Society”, “Solidarity With the US Prison Uprising”, “Strength to the Fighting Prisoners in the U$”, “From Greece to America, fire and blast at every prison”, “Complicity with all those who revolt”, “Fire to the Prisons”, “Freedom For All!”, “Victory to the US Prison Struggle”, “Attica Is Everywhere. Revolt”, “Against every type of incarceration, fire to the foundations of civilization.” Each tag is signed with the anarchist circle-a. Signed, Themistokleous 58 Squat October 2, 2016 Mexico City: Striking students in Mexico City at the university of Instituto Politécnico Nacional showed solidarity with prisoners on strike in the US. They dropped banners that read: “Solidarity with the Prisoners who are fighting in Mexico And USA,” and “Set Fire to all Prisons.” Athens, Greece: Protest at American Embassy in Solidarity with Prison Strike…”Inside the framework of the international day of solidarity to the struggle of the us prisoners that was called by the anarchist black cross-solidarity cell, a protest out of the american embassy took place. ABC solidarity cell, Assembly for the solidarity to political prisoners, Assembly for the solidarity to the prisoners’ struggle against slavery, A.S.M.P.A., Assembly of anarchists communists for the class counter attack against the European union as well as ather comrades participated in the protest. During the protest, slogans were shouted, flyers were spread, texts were given out and banners were hanged.”