Retaliation and Response

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Prisoner rebellions are at an all-time high. With activity at dizzying levels it can be hard to keep up with actions and calls for solidarity. This page is one resource to stay up to speed.

There are still actions occurring in need of immediate support, and news of retaliation leaking out of prisons all across the country. Those of us at the center of prisoner strike support have been working non-stop and we need your help. Rapid response is needed to restrain backlash and protecting strikers, at the same time, maintaining constant pressure and awareness-raising prevents the return to normal.

How to volunteer:
– contact IWOC at to plug in with others in your area, track and research the strike, contribute to anti-repression and legal assistance efforts, transcribe letters from prisoners, coordinate with media, and otherwise build the prisoner’s union in support of direct action behind bars anywhere in the US.

– contact FAM at to support the organization at ground zero of the prison strike. Since September 9, conflict at Holman prison outside of Atmore Alabama has gotten so intense that even correctional officers spoke out in support of FAM and refused to report to work.

Ways anyone can support anti-retaliation efforts from anywhere:

Call prisons to defend rebels they are targeting:

Write to prisoners:

Signals to amplify in the media:
(there are many more, this is one of the projects that needs assistance and which anyone can do, please contact Ben at to help make this page more comprehensive and up to date)