Solidarity Weekend Action Roundup…

The weekend of May 7-8 saw solidarity actions with the Free Alabama Movement’s May Day strike in at least three cities across the US. Making this work stoppage a national issue, raising public awareness of prison slavery, and shaming the state of Alabama and ADOC for their abysmal practices are good ways to support the actions on the inside. Please consider organizing an event, a rally, or workshop in your town. If you do, let us know at Thank you.

Check it out:

Mothers and Families at Holman Prison on May 7th.

About a dozen protesters from Mothers and Families (MAF) of the Free Alabama Movement (FAM) marched on Holman prison on Saturday, shouting Free Alabama! and Incarcerated Lives Matter!

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Austin Solidarity Banner and Event

“Good morning Austin! We held our banner in solidarity with the Texas and Alabama strikers at St. John’s and I 35 during the morning rush until Officer Friendly started giving us a hard time. ‪#‎endprisonslavery‬ ‪#‎ftp‬ ‪#‎iwoc‬ ‪#‎fam‬” – from Austin Anarchist Black Cross They also handed out flyers for an upcoming educational event on 5/15. austin

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Houston Banner Action

Houston Texas also held some rad beautiful banners on a busy overpass.

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Atlanta GA Banner Drop

From Atlanta ABC

Prisoners in Alabama went on strike across the state starting May 1st, refusing to work.  Many of them are reportedly still on lockdown.  Prisoners are refusing to support the institutions which abuse, neglect, and enslave them.

The rebels in Alabama prisons have been getting a lot of attention in Georgia too.  A banner was spotted in Atlanta showing a message of support for the strikers.

Milwaukee IWOC Solidarity Discussion and Rally


13103423_1090988967633494_1000319527334303232_n People gathered for a discussion of prison slavery and it’s impact on communities and a wide variety of issues, then a small group marched to the nearby McDonalds to protest their practices and raise awareness.





Are we missing anything? Were there solidarity actions or events this weekend in other places we didn’t hear about. Please let us know: