Call-in For Zolo Azania

From New York City Jericho Movement

Dear Friends,We are writing to you today on behalf of political prisoner Zolo Azania. After 35 years of incarceration, 27 of them on death row, Zolo is finally due to be released in February, 2017. Regrettably, this final year has been made difficult for him. Zolo has brought to our attention a number of troubling matters and has requested that concerned individuals contact the Indiana Department of Corrections on his behalf.

It is our understanding that in recent months, violations of Zolo’s basic rights have included:

  • Confiscation (or destruction) of his personal property including his Holy Qur’an, dictionary, prayer cap and beads, art supplies, toothbrush and other items.


  • Prevention from participation in religious programming: Islamic faith based programs such as Jumu’ah service (Friday prayer) and Taleem (Muslim study class).


  • Irregular payment or denial of compensation at his minimum wage prison job, a job guaranteed to him by IDOC Commissioner Lemmon.

Zolo has consistently demonstrated good conduct and has received above average work evaluations. He does not deserve to be treated in this manner.

Please contact the Indiana Department of Corrections at 317-233-5541 or 232-5755 or email Commissioner Lemmon ( and ask that Zolo’s concerns be addressed and remedied.

You can write
Zolo Azania #4969

Miami Correctional Facility
3038 West 850 South
Bunker Hill, IN 46914-9810