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Action Alert: Call to Support the Bronx 120

hi all, please call and share. https://www.facebook.com/events/328787930803467/
Earlier this year, 120 young people were kidnapped under “conspiracy” charges, and are now languishing in various prisons across New York, with no knowledge of their fate, and increasing abuse at the hands of the prisons. We have had reports from families and from those incarcerated that they have been denied medical care, have had their mail censored from friends and family, have woefully short (1 hour a week) visitation, and that at least one defendant has been last, possibly held in solitary. We will not stand for the abuse of black and brown people from our community! Treated like slaves, shackled, with no direct charges, just assumptions based off of social media and white supremacy. Leading up to our Sept 9th Prison Strike NYC-Solidarity w BX120 and all prisoners event, we are asking people to call MDC at (718) 840-4200* and DEMAND:
-Immediate Medical Care for all Prisoners
-Release of all Communication, and an end to censorship of letters and communication.
-Extended visting hours and days

CALL OFTEN! We need to show that these abuses will not go unnoticed! No rest for the officials until all are free!

We are also asking that people please watch the video of the raids and read the letter by Paula Clarke, one of the mothers and send to as many people as you can. There is also a link to donate for commissary. http://www.bronx120.org/

*this is the general number for the prison; we have heard from family that the specific number for complaints and prisoner communication just rings and rings…no surprise!!

Constant Pressure Against Retaliation

One of the most important things outside supporters can do is respond to retaliation against prisoners. We need to shine a protecting light on their struggles, let prison staff know people are paying attention.

There are many ways to stand up, show solidarity, control the narrative, and pressure the authorities to cease their reprisals. We want to focus on and recruit people for one of the simplest ones: phone zaps. By contacting those authorities, swamping the email inboxes and phone lines with hundreds of calls, we stay their hand, sap their resources, and slow down their processes.

We need you to volunteer now! We are looking for people to commit to maintaining this pressure on an ongoing basis, and folks at IWOC have made it easy for you. If you would be willing to make calls every other day then please visit and bookmark this site: (https://goo.gl/forms/s4gBzsgvz6W9LQoN2) make the calls, and fill in the one-line form at the bottom so we can send friendly reminders if you don’t.

ALERT! Phone Blast Texas Department of Criminal Justice!

On August 18 Austin ABC and the Houston IWOC chapter are calling for a phone blast and fax blackout to the main TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) main office in Austin, Texas! This is happening on August 18, on the day of their next board meeting.

Call in (512) 463-9988 (Austin Office) and (512) 475-3250 (Board of Criminal Justice)


I am calling to demand that the TDCJ give in to the demands of Texas inmates who have been striking for humane living and working conditions, good time/work time, to repeal the 100 dollar medical co-pay, right to attorney on habeas corpus, and the formation of a TDCJ oversight committee. I also want to demand that inmates at the Coffiel Unit have access to clean water that is not contaminated. There is a petition being signed and delivered and we want these demands met I also demand that inmates not be retaliated against for going on strike to gain better treatment!


You can also send the image of the demands (inverted blacked out demands) via fax using this online service http://faxzero.com/
This image will be shared on the event page.

For Sender Information you can put fake information here.

For Receiver Information:

Name: TDCJ Board of Criminal Justice
Fax Number: (512) 305-9398

[for the event click here.]

ALERT! Donaldson Alabama Call In

On Thursday August 11, 2016 a group of prisoners at William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility segregation unit have declared a hunger strike due to unsanitary conditions , 24 hour lock downs, use of excessive force, in addition to, retaliation for refusal to sign papers for an undocumented Behavioral Modification Program.

These men are in need of your support. Please call Warden Bolling at (205) 436-3681 and demand these issues be addressed immediately.

Update on Siddique Abdullah Hasan

[To see the initial post on Hasan’s punitive treatment, see here.]

Around noon eastern time, Hasan got word out through lawyers that he was doing fine and that if anyone wanted to correspond with him they should include a stamp for the reply since he could not go to the [jpay] kiosk.

Hasan has access to postal mail, so you can send him letters, and it sounds like also to JPay, but not the kiosk machine, so if you write him an email (and visit JPay.com to find out how if you don’t already) be sure to click the “include a stamp for reply” box before sending.

Please also continue to call the prison 330-743-0700. They are routing all the calls to a specific person, so lets keep her busy. Ask when he’s going to be let out of the hole and demand that this bogus investigation end immediately.

Also, write to Hasan, the more mail he gets the more support we’re demonstrating. You can include a total of 5 sheets of paper and 3 embossed (postage pre-printed) envelopes, so if you have any handy, slip them in to make sure he’s got supplies to write people back.

His address is

Siddique Abdullah Hasan



878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd

Youngstown OH 44505

Call-in For Zolo Azania

From New York City Jericho Movement

Dear Friends,We are writing to you today on behalf of political prisoner Zolo Azania. After 35 years of incarceration, 27 of them on death row, Zolo is finally due to be released in February, 2017. Regrettably, this final year has been made difficult for him. Zolo has brought to our attention a number of troubling matters and has requested that concerned individuals contact the Indiana Department of Corrections on his behalf.

It is our understanding that in recent months, violations of Zolo’s basic rights have included:

  • Confiscation (or destruction) of his personal property including his Holy Qur’an, dictionary, prayer cap and beads, art supplies, toothbrush and other items.


  • Prevention from participation in religious programming: Islamic faith based programs such as Jumu’ah service (Friday prayer) and Taleem (Muslim study class).


  • Irregular payment or denial of compensation at his minimum wage prison job, a job guaranteed to him by IDOC Commissioner Lemmon.

Zolo has consistently demonstrated good conduct and has received above average work evaluations. He does not deserve to be treated in this manner.

Please contact the Indiana Department of Corrections at 317-233-5541 or 232-5755 or email Commissioner Lemmon (blemmon@idoc.in.gov) and ask that Zolo’s concerns be addressed and remedied.

You can write
Zolo Azania #4969

Miami Correctional Facility
3038 West 850 South
Bunker Hill, IN 46914-9810

Phone blast for Ely Hunger Strike

From Denver ABC

July 18 – July 19

As of July 12th, prisoners at Ely State Prison (Nevada) went on hunger strike in protest of the policies and conditions of the Disciplinary Segregation Units. We’ll be publishing their names shortly. We encourage everyone to send them letters to boost their morale and let them know they are supported. It’s been confirmed that six prisoners are still going strong with the hunger strike. Warden Renee Baker has given some prisoners their MP3 players back. She also said to send a kite if without shower shoes, and a free pair will be given. Both prisoners and supporters believe she is only doing this to dissuade them, but the hunger strikers have said they will NOT give up until all demands are met! Continue reading

FAM Leader Targeted and Tortured. CALL IN SUPPORT

Attention!!! James “Dhati Khalid” Pleasant, Free Alabama Movement Organizer, was arbitrarily transferred from St Clair population to Donaldson Correctional Facility and placed in a “Hotbay’ stripped Segregation Unit.* After repeatedly protesting the taking of all his belongings, he was sprayed with a chemical agent then placed in a shower stall the remainder of the night. Please call Donaldson Warden ASAP – Leon Bolling 205-436-3681

*a hotbay or stripped cell, also known as a suicide cell is a special unit often used to deprive prisoners of the most basic necessities on the pretext that they may harm themselves. The strip cell has no bed or furniture at all, prisoners confined there are denied all property including clothing, the temperature is kept low and the lights are on constantly. DOC’s claim to create these cells for mental health observation, but the conditions, sleep deprivation and isolation, are actually designed to cause or exacerbate mental health crises.

This Week in Prisoner Action…

Today Monday June 6th is a call in day to support Texas prisoners facing retaliation for their work stoppage in April. See that here: https://www.facebook.com/events/553013341537855/

Friday June 10th is the first phone zap to support a hunger strike against long term solitary confinement by Wisconsin prisoners. See that here: https://www.facebook.com/events/237354093311429/

Please take action on these things, it takes just a few minutes to read the suggested scripts and then call in.


There are many ways to get involved right now with organizing for the nationally coordinated prisoner work stoppage and protest. Here are three:
Continue reading