Action Alert: Call to Support the Bronx 120

hi all, please call and share.
Earlier this year, 120 young people were kidnapped under “conspiracy” charges, and are now languishing in various prisons across New York, with no knowledge of their fate, and increasing abuse at the hands of the prisons. We have had reports from families and from those incarcerated that they have been denied medical care, have had their mail censored from friends and family, have woefully short (1 hour a week) visitation, and that at least one defendant has been last, possibly held in solitary. We will not stand for the abuse of black and brown people from our community! Treated like slaves, shackled, with no direct charges, just assumptions based off of social media and white supremacy. Leading up to our Sept 9th Prison Strike NYC-Solidarity w BX120 and all prisoners event, we are asking people to call MDC at (718) 840-4200* and DEMAND:
-Immediate Medical Care for all Prisoners
-Release of all Communication, and an end to censorship of letters and communication.
-Extended visting hours and days

CALL OFTEN! We need to show that these abuses will not go unnoticed! No rest for the officials until all are free!

We are also asking that people please watch the video of the raids and read the letter by Paula Clarke, one of the mothers and send to as many people as you can. There is also a link to donate for commissary.

*this is the general number for the prison; we have heard from family that the specific number for complaints and prisoner communication just rings and rings…no surprise!!