Washington DC: Noise Demo in Solidarity with Striking Workers


Baltimore/D.C. Based Organizations Make Noise In Solidarity With National Prison Strike.

Washington, D.C. – September 9th, 2016 –

On the 45th  anniversary of the Attica prison uprising, the most notorious prison rebellion in US history, prisoners around the country pronounced to once again make their voices heard. Refusing to work their assigned job is the direct action over 1,000 plus prisoners agreed to perform.

The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, D.C chapter (IWOC) has swiftly organized a “noise demo”  to match the prisoners’ efforts with disruptions from the outside. Calling for aid to strengthen effectiveness of the noisy action, IWOC has pulled support from organizations in Baltimore, Virginia and local support in D.C. The noise demo will take place on September 9th, the same day of the national work stoppage. IWOC is a national project of the Industrial Workers of the World, a radical labor union dedicated to workplace democracy and building a mass workers movement against capitalism.

“It’s a sad commentary on our part,” says one D.C. IWOC member, “meaning both those people behind enemy lines and on the outside who are activists. When people step up to the plate and fight in a righteous cause, I think that we should not leave those people for dead.”

There are over 2.2 million prisoners in the United States between jails, immigration detention centers and youth detention centers.

IWOC understands that a structured campaign is required to have continuity of strategy and to maintain safety for activist inside a prison and out. With caution, IWOC chose to perform the noise demo at Allegany County Detention Center in Cumberland, Maryland.  Allegany County Detention Center has a long history of inmate mistreatment and the prisoners want the populace to know.

“This is the start of many direct actions”, explained a member of Mind.Over.Matter, “against the current prison system and the fascist police state of America. These actions will create a necessary wave in the sea of prison reform.”


Katy Ann
DC IWOC Steering Committee


P.O. Box 1303, Washington, D.C

Ph: 240-499-5678