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International call for solidarity campaign for us prisoners on 1 October

This is a call for a concerted solidarity campaign for the struggle of us prisoners on 1 October
In solidarity
Abc-solidarity cell ( Athens,Greece)

Prisons in the usa – The dark side of slavery in american society

In order to be in the position to understand the importance and necessity of the us prisoners’ struggle, we first need to analyze the role of slavery in the foundation and evolution of the american state and its historical and integral ,until today, link with the capital.

Slavery in its many forms was actually the foundation on which the omnipotence of american overlordship was gradually built. The root of this phenomenon can be traced back in the era when the christian empires of europe started a race to conquest unknown lands, founding colonialism regimes, in the era of brutal genocides of the indigenous populations and the slave trade of the non-white african population.

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Call for solidarity with USA prison strike on the 9th of September

by Bristol Anarchist Black Cross

On September 9th, 2016 prisoners across the United States will be conducting work stoppages, hunger strikes and other forms of action in a call to end prison slavery. The call was originated by organizers from the Free Alabama Movement. A national coalition of community groups associated with the IWW’s Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, Anarchist Black Cross chapters and others throughout the country have come together to build a national support network to push for a final end to prison slavery.

To achieve this goal, we need support from the international community. We hope that prisoner support groups in the across the globe will hold solidarity demos and inform prisoners they are in contact with about the September 9th day of action. This spring and summer will be seasons of organizing, spreading the word, building networks of solidarity and showing that we’re serious and what we’re capable of. We ask that you organize some sort of solidarity action and help spread the word to prisoners in your area. We hope that the fires of prison rebellion spread from the United States to prisons across the globe! With one unified voice of rebellion we can send a strong message to captors across the globe that the iron bars of their cage cannot contain our thirst for freedom! Continue reading

Interview with Anthony Rayson

maxresdefaultAnthony Rayson runs the South Chicago ABC Zine Distro and publishes many zines and pamphlets, which he’s been sending for free to prisoners for years. A collection of his entire zine library is housed at DePaul University’s Special Collections Library

Contact Anthony:South Chicago ABC Zine Distro
P. O. Box 721 / Homewood, IL 60430
anthonyrayson [at] hotmail [dot] com

Recorded May 11th, in Portland, OR. Download (right click and save)