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14359222_175498116191077_1937942387067360336_nFAM beleives ADOC is creating a powder keg at Holman to justify their prison expansion. By removing long timers and leaders to segregation and other prisons, they foster instability and then attempt to use that instability and violence to justify locking more people down. But we know the solution to over crowding isn’t more prisons, it’s fewer prisoners. We know the solution to violence inside prisons isn’t more torture, its more respect and humane treatment. We know that the violence inside prisons starts with state violence and the megaprison plan only increases that violence. Increasing state violence will only add to the violence and the prison system IS violence, massive, institutionalized routine ultraviolence enacted upon targeted communities.

Don’t let ADOC get away with this expansion project. Don’t let their manipulative and dishonest narrative-making succeed. Stand with FAM against state terror. Read their words below.

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