This Week in Prisoner Action…

Today Monday June 6th is a call in day to support Texas prisoners facing retaliation for their work stoppage in April. See that here:

Friday June 10th is the first phone zap to support a hunger strike against long term solitary confinement by Wisconsin prisoners. See that here:

Please take action on these things, it takes just a few minutes to read the suggested scripts and then call in.


There are many ways to get involved right now with organizing for the nationally coordinated prisoner work stoppage and protest. Here are three:

1. Endorse the strike- If you’re involved with any social justice organizations or projects that intersect with prison in anyway, please ask them to endorse the strike, or pledge support as an individual. There’s lots of information, including frequently asked questions about that here:

2. Mobilize- our prisoner contacts have emphasized the need to get off the internet and into the public eye with this issue. Plan a rally, a door canvas, table or flyer at events, drop a banner or raise a fuss. Here’s a list of suggested dates to plan around:

3. Get involved with IWOC. Most of the strike support is happening through a diffuse network of long-standing projects and groups, who are cooperating to pull things together. If there isn’t a lot of that going on where you are at, The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committe of the IWW is a more structured option to help you get it started. Contact them to set up a branch, work on inreach, plan events, and more. email iwoc [at] If you support the strike but can’t get involved with your feet, voice and time, consider getting involved with your money, or asking friends to donate. IWOC is taking donations to support doing this work on a mass scale and with follow through past September.

There’s tons of new stuff posted to the SPR website, since the last update. Find articles about rowdy protests at the CCA board meeting, detailed analysis of the FAM May Day Strike, The Fight Toxic Prisons convergence in DC, and lots of great downloadable radio interviews and zines by prisoners and their supporters. Check it all out: