New Zine from Tilted Scales Collective

From Tilted Scales Collective.

[Note: the zine has also been added to the SPR Resources Page]

I’m excited to announce the release of an excerpt from a forthcoming book that I’ve been working on in a small collective for several years now. The book is a guide to the criminal legal system for radicals and revolutionaries, with an emphasis on handling serious criminal charges in ways that strengthen radical social struggles instead of allowing the state to demolish them.

This chapter-length excerpt covers the heart of the book: setting and balancing your personal, political, and legal goals for criminal charges.

“The Criminal Legal System for Radicals: Setting and Balancing Your Personal, Political, and Legal Goals”
by Tilted Scales Collective

We hope that this zine will be a timely and helpful guide for radicals and revolutionaries, particularly with so much happening right now in struggles against murderous cops, white supremacy, pipelines, the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions, and everything else that’s popping off. Please help us spread the word about it! Oh, and read it too. :)

We also want to thank Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness for designing the zine. We are currently working with Combustion Books to publish the full book, so I’ll keep you posted on that.

Love, rage, and solidarity,