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Being Safe When Taking Action, Words from the NLG

[Remember that the temperaments of different cities in regards to criminal law and legal matters varies, and it is important to have knowledge for your specific area, or the specific area where you are acting. Much of the material that follows is New York or Ohio Specific, and none of this is legal advice; and also remember never talk to the police.]

Here are all the more or less current Know Your Rights (KYR) things I can
think of, attached or as links.

The way I have always done legal support for protesters is to educate
people using these, and at the same time, either be or find a lawyer who is
not only licensed in the state, but actually familiar with the local
courts. It is crucial to actually find someone who is qualified (like,
don’t get a housing attorney to advise you on criminal defense matters) and
politically on board (someone who actually knows and cares about the nexus
of expressive rights and criminal defense).
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New Zine from Tilted Scales Collective

From Tilted Scales Collective.

[Note: the zine has also been added to the SPR Resources Page]

I’m excited to announce the release of an excerpt from a forthcoming book that I’ve been working on in a small collective for several years now. The book is a guide to the criminal legal system for radicals and revolutionaries, with an emphasis on handling serious criminal charges in ways that strengthen radical social struggles instead of allowing the state to demolish them.

This chapter-length excerpt covers the heart of the book: setting and balancing your personal, political, and legal goals for criminal charges. Continue reading

Fire to the Prisons Issue 13

fttpFrom FTTP

Help Print 10,000 Copies of Fire to the Prisons and Give Them out For Free!


In February 2015, we returned to publishing Fire to the Prisons. After a three year hiatus, we came back to this project with full force. Over a year later, we are happy to report that almost all of the 10,000 printed copies have been distributed across North America and abroad. Thanks to the support, donations, and contributions of comrades across the world, we were able to create a very loud voice.

Now, in 2016, we want to do it again.

We want to expand our coverage, scope, and  the reach of the publication while remaining true to the spirit of Fire to the Prisons. We will continue with our long term commitment to counter-information, original writing and content, and the amplification of the anti-authoritarian/anti-prison/anti-repression struggle that you have come to expect from us.

We will have both a domestic and international voice this issue. While remaining true to reporting on repression and anti-prison resistance across the states, Canada, and Mexico, we have committed articles from abroad promising insight on struggles and happenings that will help to bridge and unify an array of social tensions through a mutual awareness and solidarity.

We truly want FTTP to become a global publication and one that links anarchists and other autonomous combatants together in a dialog about the commonalities that we all face, as well as a discussion on the actions and struggles that we can all engage in.

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