Phone blast for Ely Hunger Strike

From Denver ABC

July 18 – July 19

As of July 12th, prisoners at Ely State Prison (Nevada) went on hunger strike in protest of the policies and conditions of the Disciplinary Segregation Units. We’ll be publishing their names shortly. We encourage everyone to send them letters to boost their morale and let them know they are supported. It’s been confirmed that six prisoners are still going strong with the hunger strike. Warden Renee Baker has given some prisoners their MP3 players back. She also said to send a kite if without shower shoes, and a free pair will be given. Both prisoners and supporters believe she is only doing this to dissuade them, but the hunger strikers have said they will NOT give up until all demands are met!

Please take a couple minutes to support these prisoners by calling one or more of the Wardens at Ely State Prison (ESP), as well as the director of Nevada DOC. Be sure to mention all five prisoner demands, and tell them to meet these demands immediately. Leave messages as needed. Afterwards, please post (reply) here to let everyone know how the conversation went and who you talked to.

Contact :
1) Ely State Prison Wardens Office (775) 289-8800 ext.3
Warden Renee Baker ext.1
Associate Warden of Operations ext.2
Associate Warden of Programs ext.3
2) NV-DOC director James Dzurenda (702) 486-9910.

Sample Script:
“I’m calling because I’m concerned with the current conditions and treatment of people inside ESP (Ely State Prison). This involves prisoners who are participating in a hunger strike with humanitarian demands for the basics needs of life. We fear their concerns are being ignored and want to ensure that their grievances are being addressed and their modest demands met. Those demands include:

-That additional phones be installed so there are two phones per wing, and allow them to make two calls per day.

-2,500 calories on each day with adequate food portions.

-If write-up free, the ability to buy appliances every 60 days.

-To go to the barber two times a week.

-To be able to purchase clothes, hygiene, and food from commissary.