ALERT! Phone Blast Texas Department of Criminal Justice!

On August 18 Austin ABC and the Houston IWOC chapter are calling for a phone blast and fax blackout to the main TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) main office in Austin, Texas! This is happening on August 18, on the day of their next board meeting.

Call in (512) 463-9988 (Austin Office) and (512) 475-3250 (Board of Criminal Justice)


I am calling to demand that the TDCJ give in to the demands of Texas inmates who have been striking for humane living and working conditions, good time/work time, to repeal the 100 dollar medical co-pay, right to attorney on habeas corpus, and the formation of a TDCJ oversight committee. I also want to demand that inmates at the Coffiel Unit have access to clean water that is not contaminated. There is a petition being signed and delivered and we want these demands met I also demand that inmates not be retaliated against for going on strike to gain better treatment!


You can also send the image of the demands (inverted blacked out demands) via fax using this online service
This image will be shared on the event page.

For Sender Information you can put fake information here.

For Receiver Information:

Name: TDCJ Board of Criminal Justice
Fax Number: (512) 305-9398

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