Arizona Prison Lockdowns

azdocMany prisons in Arizona refused to answer questions from the person who called to help track the strike. They neither confirmed nor denied. Some did admit lockdowns, but none admitted to the cause. From the volunteer who made calls: “Nearly every prison I called was immediately suspicious of my call and seemed to have a canned “we’re not allowed to share that publicly,” line ready. Most asked me repeatedly who I worked for.”

Perryville – They were the most hostile of all the prisons I called. They transferred my call around several times and eventually I was hung up on by someone who told me that is not any of my concern and do not call back.

Yuma – Hung up on me. Though the website says several units are not accepting visits. From website: Dakota Unit : No visitation, East yard, Building 6 No visitation, West yard, Building 8 Visitation hours as normal for West yard, Building 7

Douglas – Yes. Multiple units. Gila since yesterday, Mojave three days. Would not disclose whether there was a disturbance. Kept asking “who do you work for?”

Tucson – The operator there was fairly hostile, seemingly “mis-transferring” my calls on purpose. I tried three times. I did speak to the manager of the Catalina unit who said his unit was not locked down and there have been no disturbances. But, he would not comment on any other units.

Phoenix – Warden’s office would not confirm. Transferred to captain’s office, would not confirm.

One prison staffer suggested that the ADC Florence complex does have units locked down, but not the GEO run complex. I had called the ADC Florence facility and they had told me they were not on lock down. But, this CO suggested otherwise. Which seemed to have been a slip up on their part. This leads me to believe that other prisons could be refusing to share information on lockdowns and disturbances.