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ALERT! Donaldson Alabama Call In

On Thursday August 11, 2016 a group of prisoners at William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility segregation unit have declared a hunger strike due to unsanitary conditions , 24 hour lock downs, use of excessive force, in addition to, retaliation for refusal to sign papers for an undocumented Behavioral Modification Program.

These men are in need of your support. Please call Warden Bolling at (205) 436-3681 and demand these issues be addressed immediately.

ALERT! Call in to defend Hasan now!

hasan deskSiddique Abdullah Hasan, of the Free Ohio Movement has been transferred to the hole and denied access to communication and property.

Please call OSP immediately and daily 330-743-0700 until they release him.

Ask to speak to the warden and demand that Hasan be allowed back into his regular cell and regain access to his property. The person they connect you to may pretend they only know Hasan by the name Carlos Sanders, even though his name was legally changed to Siddique Abdullah Hasan decades ago. His prison number is R130-559.

Hasan is one of the few public spokespeople for the national protest that will start on September 9 of this year. Last week he was visited by law enforcement who inaccurately described Sep 9 as a plot to harm people and blow up buildings.

It is important that we stand up to repression and terror-baiting as soon as it rears it’s head. Please call the prison and share this alert as widely as possible.

Thank you.