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sIgnOtHeTiMeS Blogtalk w/Queen Tahiyrah and Guest Benjamin M. Turk INSURGENT

Listen here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nupowerradionetwork/2016/06/02/signothetimes-blogtalk-wqueen-tahiyrah-and-guest-benjamin-m-turk-insurgent

Tonight Thursday June 2 2016 6pm est 5pm central Benjamin Michael Turk, from Insurgent will speaking on the Nationally Coordinated Prisoner Work Stoppage for Sept 9 and on Friday we are featuring the Brothers of the Sun Free Alabama Freedom Movement with Bob Witnek of Decarcerate the Garden State. Mass Incarceration and over prosecution is a systemic, social, economic and political problem, that has allowed for the legal enslavement of generations of black, brown and economically challenged individuals and families. Please join in the solution . LISTEN and Participate via the web at www.blogtalkradio.com/nupowerradionetwork or call in 917-889-8059! Don’t forget to push 1 to come into the conversation! See you on the airwaves!!! QT See you on the airwaves!

Sign o the Times Interview with D Jones

djonesFrom Sign o the Times

Please join us Thursday May 19, 2016 on Sign o the Times Blogtalk Radio as we welcome guest, Film Director D. Jones on the air, and build around his AWARD WINNING DOCUMENTARY THE GREAT INCARCERATOR PART 1 DARK LiTTLE SECRET Dark Little Secret examines the US Prison System & its unprecedented explosion in population. An exploitation of dark, poor faces, intentionally relegated to second-class citizenship, otherwise known as PRISON, PROBATION & LEGALIZED SLAVERY! The conversation begins at 5pm Central 6pm Eastern & 3pm Pacific. The number to dial is 917-889-8059 or log in at www.blogtalkradio.com/nupowerradionetwork SEE YOU ON THE AIRWAVES!!! QT