IWOC Sep 9 News Release

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Information: Phillip A. Ruiz Incarcerated Worker Organizing Committee TEL:(816) 866-3808 or (323) 691-0557 wobista@protonmail.com International Prison Strike Slated to Begin September 9th IWW General Headquarters, Chicago, IL. Sept.9th, 2016 The Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) announces that the first […]

At least 20 teenagers riot in Daytona Beach Juvenile Detention Center

Volusia Regional Juvenile Detention Center, Daytona Beach, Florida July 15, 2018 Approximately 20 detainees (all teenagers) lock officers into a common room where televisions are pulled off walls, broken with trash cans, and officers are injured by weapons made by cafeteria tray handles. The detainees refuse to return to their cells. Keys are taken from […]

Uprising at Marshall County Jail, Alabama

Marshall County Jail, Guntersville, Alabama July 11, 2018 Approximately 60 prisoners “physically engaged deputies and jail staff during a shakedown.” The riot occurs two days after a guard was arrested on charges of selling a contraband cell phone to a prisoner. Deputies call in for back up from neighboring counties and the situation is resolved […]

Uprising at Bannock County Jail, Idaho

Bannock County Jail, Pocatello, Idaho July 11, 2018 Twenty-seven prisoners at the Bannock County Jail participate in an uprising in which they destroy sprinkler systems and stop up their sinks and toilets to flood their cells. According to the Bannock County Sheriff, Lorin Nielsen, the riot was caused by conditions of severe overcrowding. After one […]

Fire Set at Kershaw Correctional Institution, South Carolina

Kershaw Correctional Institution, Kershaw, South Carolina July 9, 2018 Prisoners at the Kershaw Correctional Institution in South Carolina light a pile of garbage on fire in the center of their unit. Prisoners start the fire from their cells by lighting pieces of paper on fire and dropping them onto a huge pile of garbage that […]

Uprising at Tipton Correctional Center, Missouri

Tipton Correctional Center, Tipton, Missouri July 4, 2018 Prisoners at the Tipton Correctional Center, in Tipton, Missouri refused to return to their cells after recreation on the Forth of July. They took control of two zones and damaged prison infrastructure in four of them. Prisoners broke out windows and destroyed shower stalls in the units. […]

Juneteenth Work Stoppage at Martin Correctional Institution, Florida

Martin Correctional Institution, Indiantown, Florida June 19, 2018 In response to a call from the prisoner group SPARC for “community organizing and direct action” on Juneteenth, at least 50 prisoners at Martin Correctional Institution in Florida refused to go to work or to the dining hall and instead held prayer groups, according to the group […]

Protest at Eastern Correctional Institute, Maryland

Eastern Correctional Institute, Somerset County, Maryland June 21, 2018 Prisoners at the Eastern Correctional Institute in Maryland staged a protest in which, according to a former correctional officer who spoke on condition of anonymity to WBOC in Maryland, at least 600 disobeyed orders and refused to go back to their cells in a protest against […]