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Being Safe When Taking Action, Words from the NLG

[Remember that the temperaments of different cities in regards to criminal law and legal matters varies, and it is important to have knowledge for your specific area, or the specific area where you are acting. Much of the material that follows is New York or Ohio Specific, and none of this is legal advice; and also remember never talk to the police.]

Here are all the more or less current Know Your Rights (KYR) things I can
think of, attached or as links.

The way I have always done legal support for protesters is to educate
people using these, and at the same time, either be or find a lawyer who is
not only licensed in the state, but actually familiar with the local
courts. It is crucial to actually find someone who is qualified (like,
don’t get a housing attorney to advise you on criminal defense matters) and
politically on board (someone who actually knows and cares about the nexus
of expressive rights and criminal defense).
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Indiana: Two Rebellions in One Week in County Jails

From Where the River Frowns

Inmates in Indiana’s jails have been tearing it up this month, with two rebellions in a week.

The first riot occurred on August 1st in Vanderburgh County Jail in Evansville where, according to the mainstream media, inmates refused to be handcuffed, flooded their jail cell, put soap on the floor to trip the guards when they entered and used bed bunks and mattresses as barricades and shields.

The second occurred in Henry County Jail on August 3rd and 4th where inmates set fire to mattresses and jail uniforms on two subsequent nights. The first fire was set by male inmates and the second, the next night, by female inmates. According to their captors, prisoners were attempting to deactivate the locks on their jail cell.

As usual, the mainstream media made no effort whatsoever to interview the inmates involved in the disturbances or to capture the potential reasons behind their rebellion. For now, we are unfortunately left wondering what may have caused these individuals to choose to fight back against their captors instead of keeping their heads down.
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Message from Keith ‘Malik’ Washington Spokesperson for End Prison Slavery in Texas

[The following is an open letter from a comrade associated with End Prison Slavery in Texas addressed to IWOC; all typos, etc, remain as in the original letter.]

Revolutionary Greetings Comrades!

I hope all of you are doing well.Today is August 8th, 2016 – yesterday I was notified by a friend that the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles DENIED my release on Parole for the 5th time!

My Good Time, Work Time, and Flat Time calculations equal to 100% of my current 20 year sentence – yet here I remain.

And this is one of the key issues we are challenging in Texas – I am a Text – Book example which exposes the Flaws in a system which continues to enslave the poorest cross-section of Amerikan society.

I would like to thank the IWW – IWOC for referring Free-Lance Journalist John Washington to me. Hopefully we will see a detailed essay in The Nation Magazine which highlights our strength to abolish Prison Slavery.

The Grassroots organizing for the September 9th action is going well. Texas Prisoners are not just suffering from physical enslavement. Many are psychologically enslaved. This makes my job and Rashid’s job of awakening the lumpen difficult but not impossible. Continue reading