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Bend the Bars Conference Update on Asheville FM

from The Final Straw on Asheville FM

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This week we spoke with Alex about Bend the Bars conference which is taking place in Columbus OH on the weekend of August 26th-29th. This is a gathering which was called for in direct support for the September 9th national prisoner work strike, and is one of the only gatherings that we know of which explicitly centers the work of people doing direct support with incarcerated folks as opposed to NGOs and non profits. In this conversation we speak about the intentions for the conference as well touching on the prison condition in the US, the National Work Strike, and many other things.

You can learn more about this event by visiting https://bendthebars.noblogs.org/, and you can RSVP to this event or correspond with the organizers by emailing bendthebars@riseup.net

And, to visit the news sources that our guest mentioned, and to learn more about the upcoming national prisoner work strike to be called on September 9th, you can visit the following websites:
Free Alabama Movement
Support Prisoner Resistance
Additionally there is Prison Legal News, which is a resource for folks who want more information about the day to day litigation that affects convicts and their families.

Promo Images for Sept 9th Strike




1/4 sheet flyer

A series of multi-colored FB profile picture size images…s9-yellow s9-white s9-violet s9-red s9-pink s9-orange s9-green s9-blue

11 x 17 inch posters
Anti-State STL Poster
Sep 9 strike!
1a- Strike Against Prison Slavery…
1b- same, with local info box
2a- Support Nationwide Prisoner Strike
2b- same, with local info box
3a- Strike a Blow Against White Supremacy3b- same, with local info box

8.5 x 11 posters
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3

Strike a blow poster

Prisons are for Burning Sticker


Logos for IWOC

s9-logo s9-IWOCsmoke



Call for solidarity with USA prison strike on the 9th of September

by Bristol Anarchist Black Cross

On September 9th, 2016 prisoners across the United States will be conducting work stoppages, hunger strikes and other forms of action in a call to end prison slavery. The call was originated by organizers from the Free Alabama Movement. A national coalition of community groups associated with the IWW’s Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, Anarchist Black Cross chapters and others throughout the country have come together to build a national support network to push for a final end to prison slavery.

To achieve this goal, we need support from the international community. We hope that prisoner support groups in the across the globe will hold solidarity demos and inform prisoners they are in contact with about the September 9th day of action. This spring and summer will be seasons of organizing, spreading the word, building networks of solidarity and showing that we’re serious and what we’re capable of. We ask that you organize some sort of solidarity action and help spread the word to prisoners in your area. We hope that the fires of prison rebellion spread from the United States to prisons across the globe! With one unified voice of rebellion we can send a strong message to captors across the globe that the iron bars of their cage cannot contain our thirst for freedom! Continue reading

Strike Against White Supremacy: Mobilize for the September 9th Prisoner General Strike

by It’s Going Down

Across the country freeways are blocked, people take the streets, law enforcement officers are confronted and their buildings are occupied, and more and more people are questioning the institutions of policing and incarceration. In the past month, nearly every major city and many smaller ones have seen some sort of protest, demonstration, or disruption in the wake of ongoing police murders that have recently included two African-American men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Helping set the context for this rebellion has been growing anger at both Trump and Clinton and ongoing resistance to white nationalist and fascist organizing which becomes more and more confrontational. At the same time, talk of abolishing the police and the prison system is no longer a fringe idea, as these positions are being discussed more and more broadly by wide segments of popular social movements. Continue reading

Appel à l’arrêt du travail des prisonnier.e.s aux USA

French version of the Sept 9th call to action.

Depuis différents états des USA, des prisonnier.e.s viennent de lancer cet appel à un arrêt du travail des prisonnier.e.s contre l’esclavage carcéral. Cet arrêt du travail aura lieu le 9 septembre 2016 et sera coordonné à l’échelle nationale.

Ceci est un appel à l’action contre l’esclavage aux USA.

D’une seule voix, qui s’élève des cellules des quartiers d’isolement, et qui résonne dans les dortoirs et les quartiers des prisons depuis la Virginie jusqu’à l’Oregon, nous, prisonnier.e.s dans diverses régions des USA, faisons le serment d’enfin éradiquer l’esclavage en 2016.

Le 9 Septembre 1971, les prisonniers ont pris le contrôle et fait fermer Attica, la plus célèbre prison de l’état de New York. Le 9 septembre 2016, nous allons entamer un mouvement pour faire fermer les prisons à travers tout le pays. Nous n’allons pas seulement exiger la fin de l’esclavage carcéral, nous allons cesser d’être nous-mêmes des esclaves. Continue reading

New Prisoners On Ferguson Site

From Prisoners On Ferguson


“For freedom we want and will have,
for we have served this cruel land long enuff,
and we are full able to conquer by any means.”
-correspondence between slaves, 18th century

“Those who are locked up
know better than their jailers
the taste of free air.”
-Hélène Cixous

Presented here is a series of interviews with and articles by prisoners on the recent wave of Black-led riots, uprisings, direct action, and protest against the police across the US. The conversations and correspondence that resulted in these pieces took place mostly in the spring of 2016, marking some time since the beginning of the 2014 uprising in Ferguson, Missouri. Reflecting on the ongoing rebellions that have reverberated on both sides of prison walls since that summer almost two years ago, the insights and clarity of these pieces feel no less immediate. While a print version exists so that people can mail copies into prison or table copies on the outside, I also wanted to have an online venue to continue to feature new pieces by prisoners with whom I write.
Continue reading

The Struggle Inside & Out: Supporting Prisoner Strikes

From Prison Pipeline on KBOO radio.

IWW Endorses the Nationally Coordinated Prisoner Work Stoppage on September 9th, 2016

224775_199400006765678_100000870396720_509467_738642_nFrom iwoc.noblogs.org


WHEREAS the Free Alabama Movement, Free Virginia Movement, and other revolutionary prison groups around the United States have jointly called for a Nationally Coordinated Prisoner Work Stoppage on September 9th, 2016, and

WHEREAS IWW members in prison and their allies are at the forefront of fighting the prison system from the inside,

MOVED that the GEB endorse the September 9th prisoner work stoppage with the following language:

The General Executive Board of the Industrial Workers of the World endorses the Nationally Coordinated Prisoner Work Stoppage on September 9th, 2016 organized by the Free Alabama Movement, Free Virginia Movement, and other revolutionary prisoner worker organizations and individuals. It is the duty of working class organizations like the IWW to support the struggle of prisoner workers. We call on other unions and revolutionary working class organizations to offer their support and solidarity to this important cause.

The GEB also encourages branches and IWWs to consider planning an action for September 9, to start a local organizing group, and to donate to the efforts at iwoc.noblogs.org/donate.

The Final Straw Interview with Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan

Hasan on prison organizing & Free Ohio Movement; Istanbul ABC on Turkey & vegan anarchist prisoner Evcan Osman


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